Flexible Packaging Applications

For all your date, lot and barcode needs.

Flexible Packaging

As food, beverage, and durable goods output increases, so does the use of flexible packaging which requires variable data printing such as serial and lot numbers, expiration dates and barcodes. Variable data printing, also known as inline or online coding, is commonly performed by near-edge thermal transfer printers. The ribbons for these printers need to print clearly directly onto flexible packaging films and bags, at high speeds, and provide resistance to the abrasion, scratching and smearing that can occur with the food packaging process and handling.

Dynic has a variety of near-edge wax-resin and resin ribbons to meet the durability and speed requirements for flexible packaging applications. We have a large lineup of FDA-listed products for pharmaceutical packaging and ribbons compliant with food contact regulations. Our flexible packaging ribbons include:

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