Things to Know: Printhead Compatibility & Backcoats

Mar 31, 2016 11:19:31 AM

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Inside Label3.jpgWe’ve all used equipment that requires a combination of a durable good with a ‘consumable.’  Some examples of this include photocopiers and toner cartridges, video consoles and video games, razors and razor blades, cars and oil filters and oil, or even your coffee pot and the coffee filters. Anti-trust issues can arise when suppliers offer both durables and consumables and try to require customers to purchase both from the same supplier.

Printer manufacturers have been known to threaten to void warranties or service contracts if thermal transfer ribbons are bought from another channel. U.S. Consumer law states that a manufacturer’s warranty cannot be voided due to using aftermarket consumables (such as non-OEM thermal transfer ribbons). Manufacturers are also prohibited from tying-in service contracts to OEM consumables sales. An equipment manufacturer cannot require, verbally or in writing, that you buy supplies exclusively from them without violating the Sherman and Clayton Anti-Trust Acts.

Some printer companies try to feed the belief that 3rd party consumables are somehow inferior to OEM products. In truth, few OEM’s make their own consumables anyway, often relying instead on those same 3rd party suppliers to provide the ribbons they re-brand as their own.  The myth is that 3rd party TTR causes the deterioration and failure of the printer’s printhead. The reality is that almost all TTR produced today have backcoats (a lubricating agent on the non-ink side of the ribbon) that prevent wear and damage to the printhead.

Dynic has one of the best backcoats in the business, allowing our ribbons to run faster, at lower temperatures, and protecting your printhead. That’s why our ribbons are OEM-approved. At Dynic, our goal is to exceed your expectations and provide the products you need to succeed, with exceptional quality and service.