Writing Care Label Instructions

Mar 31, 2016 11:17:16 AM

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Labels for clothing must have a washing or drycleaning instructions.  If an item can be washed and dry cleaned, the label needs only one of these instructions, usually the washing instructions.  If a garment cannot be safely washed or dry cleaned, it needs be labeled with “Do Not Wash – Do Not Dryclean.”

Washing Instructions themselves contain 5 elements:

  1. Washing - Specify whether the garment should be washed by hand or by machine.  And if hot water will damage the garment, indicate the recommended temperature setting.
  2. Bleaching - If all commercially available bleaches can be used on a regular basis without harming the product, the label doesn’t have to mention bleach.  Otherwise, you will need to specify on the label whether non-chlorine bleach can be used or whether the garment should not be bleached at all.
  3. Drying – Specify whether the product should be dried by machine or some other method.  And if using a high temperature will damage the garment, indicate the recommended temperature setting.
  4. Ironing – If a product will need repeated ironing, the care label must provide ironing information.  If regular use of a hot iron won’t harm a product, it’s not necessary to indicate a temperature setting.
  5. Warnings – If you think that a consumer might use a care procedure that would damage the garment, the label must contain a warning to warn against the harmful procedure.  This includes warnings for when one product could harm another that is washed with it.

Dry Cleaning Instructions:

Dry cleaning instructions should specify if any solvents or modifications from a normal dry cleaning process is required.  Using “Dryclean Only” on your label can only be done when the garment can’t be washed and requires evidence that washing will damage the garment.  

Our Textiles page has links to which Cetus® labels and TTR we have available for your garment care label needs.