Fire-resistant and Fire-retardant Labels

Mar 31, 2016 11:17:50 AM

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Do you know the difference between Fire-resistant labels and Fire-retardant labels?  Or which applications such labels can be used in?


Fire-resistant labels must resist catching fire for a certain amount of time or self-extinguish when exposed to flames.  Fire-retardant labels may catch fire but must slow the spread of it for a specific amount of time (for example, may burn less than 2 inches in a 60-second period).  Usually these types of products have special coatings and fibers that allow them to meet industry standards (the Automotive, Airline and National Fire Protection Association all have their own) and withstand tests like the vertical flame test.

So what are some of the applications where these types of labels are used?  Automotive and airplane seat-belt labels, children’s clothing and toys, and high-heat applications like tags for metal and wire processing are common.

Dynic has several Cetus® products that meet fire-resistant or fire-retardant standards.  They can be found at Fire Resistant Products.